Sleeping Hard


Did you ever see a dog sleep hard? I mean the kind of serious sleep that must be done in a really short amount of time? My yellow lab, Bailee, who is just really satan in a dogs body, is doing this right now. And I can’t even get up and get the camera. I can’t even tell my DH to get up and get the camera, because of course she will move and you couldn’t see it anyway so let me just describe it. My son has a little fold out chair that, well, folds out into a bed like thingy. He uses this from time to time to watch TV with us in the living room. Since niether of the dogs are allowed up on the couch they have their blankets, or rugs they lay on. But how could they possibly be as comfy as a fold out chair, left unattended by someone. So, Bailee, thinking we can’t see her huge 65 lb plus body, is laying on this chair, sleeping really, really hard. The kind of hurry up, I better squeeze this wonderful cushy sleep time in before someone yells at me, or that little boy comes back and wants his spot. I mean, really, her brow is even furrowed. She is sleeping that hard. With one eye open from time to time. Uh oh, that little boy is back and now, without moving, she’s allowed him to lay down too – but she’s clearly not happy about it at all.

Worked on ribby today at my friend Carolyn’s – she’s learning to knit and our DH’s were fixing closet doors in her new house, so we just kept our selves at the ready to help, but mostly knitted. I finished the right front and cast on both sleeves – I’ve never worked both sleeves at the same time, but I figure why not. The only perplexing thing is – the pattern increases the sleeves following a purl3 on either side. Now this is 2 x 2 rib. And it says to stay in pattern? How so, without an ugly jog? I read on the KAL that some are leaving these stitches in stockinette, and I think that is the way I’m going with this – anyone out there have any tips/advice?


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