Ok, I give up. At least for now. I have finished the lace on the bottom and the neck and fronts. Yafrickityhoo. Now, for the normally tempered out there – of which I’m apparently not – picking up 109 stitches where there are only 80 available shouldn’t pose too much of a mind bending problem – right? But I’m not normally tempered. I’m not even abnormally tempered. I know I have to double up on the increases and I can probably tell you ever 4th stitch I have to pick up two, blahdy blahdy, boo. I just don’t frickin feel like it. I’m putting it aside for a bit. Nope, change that to I HAVE put it aside. I crocheted a cute hat for my blogger friend Emily, and pulled out Ribby Cardy. I’m just a little too overwhelmed by the fact that I have so many other patterns out there that I’d like to start and this is seeming to take forever. So, I’m starting a few more swatches, one being Colleen’s beautiful Spring Breeze Top. And I’d like to start a pair of socks with my Lorna’s Laces, but I’m still hunting for a pattern for that.

Never got to the crochet lesson today – just as we were getting ready to hit the LYS, my son’s school called and asked me to pick him up – I sure hope this is just a little stomach virus – no more puking, but lots of complaints of stomach pain. And another missed day of school, which is more homework to make up – oh boy. I’m so glad it’s a two day work week – because I’m tired already:)

I’ve been waiting patiently for Yarn Harlots book from Amazon – I ordered it, it wasn’t released yet. Then a few days later they apparently had stock, but my book wasn’t schedule to ship till May. So I inquired, they changed the date to MONDAY, and now it’s back to being listed as not released yet – that’s kinda wonky, no? Well, all things in good time. Or is that all good things take time?

Well, time for LOST ! It’s a new episode!


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