Easter Bouquet


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
These are the Beautiful flowers my DH gave me for Easter – have tried to post them for days, but photobucket and blogger have not been very cooperative!!!

Angelina news – I have almost completed the lace on the neck and down the front’s and should be starting the sleeve lace tomorrow. And, my beautiful Tahki New (old) Tweed came today! I order it from Rosies Yarn Cellar, and she has Great prices and super fast shipping.We are supposed to get 60 degree weather tomorrow – that will be a nice change from all this snowy crap we’ve had. And they are calling for more rain this weekend – I don’t think we can take anymore rain, the ground is so saturated. So I guess we better enjoy the sunshine while we have it. I’m supposed to be teaching a friend how to crochet tomorrow – so maybe we will get to sit outside during that lesson!

Wore Clapotis to the movies today – DS and I went to see Be Cool. It had some pretty darn funny parts, mostly because The Rock plays such an out-of-character, character. But I can pretty much watch any John Travolta movie.


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