What’s This?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Why it’s blurry Angelina Lace!  Tell me how I can mess this up so many times???  I am an idiot.  This is probably the simplest lace pattern anyone can knit and yet, I had to rip it out umpteem times.  I think patterns should come with warning labels.  Sorta like, “If your a dumbass, and can’t add two plus two, put the pattern down” or “what, are you frickin kidding?” One thing I can say is, once you rip something out so many times, you actually absorb the pattern – it’s in your blood.  You know it, you know where each stitch is supposed to go, what it should look like, and when you do mess up, you know it right away.  So, all is right in the Kingdom of Lace.  All I can say, is this better look good on me.  Because if it doesn’t, I will be having a ritual burning of Angelina – I mean it.  There will be pic’s either way. 


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