Fracken Angelina!!!


OMG!!!! Take a perfectly normal pattern, start to knit, keep going, keep going, keep going, finally finish up the really long and boring part. Get ready to pick up some stitches and knit some lace – and hit a brick wall!!! How can a pattern be soooo specific thru all the boring straightforward parts and then – poof – all information just disappears. All along the pattern is specific – you have this many stitches here, and that many stitches THERE, and over here, you must have THIS many. Then when it comes time to pick up stitches for the lace knitting we have “correct stitch count by knitting first row and increase one stitch” well, would that be the one stitch I was already short from the original cast on count? No. would that be one additional stitch to account for the lace pattern being a multiple of 6…………PLUS 1 – well, hell yeah. Now, I’m not that big of a dumbass that I couldn’t have figured this out after ripping back the lace THREE times, but could it have hurt to just put ” if you cast on 109 (109, 115, 121) then add one stitch to make 110 (110, 116, 121)??????? Would that have been too much to ask???? I’m so totally fustrated and sore that I just put it down, after finally getting the right stitch count, the right placement of stitches and the right repeat. What a waste of time. Really. I could have probably had all the lace done on the body of the sweater. arrgghghghgh!!!!!

My youngest had us up pretty much all night with a stomach ache that blossomed into vomiting. Poor kid, he’s had a pretty crappy year. DH has a cold, I’m feeling not to great myself and the oldest vacated the premises to his girlfriends house, where there isn’t any sickness. Thankfully, it is going to be a quiet holiday tomorrow.

Yesterday was a very yarny day for me – my Lorna’s Laces arrived and so did my Rowan subscription with the four skeins of Cork. All this while I was out in pennington at the wooly lamb doing some shopping for my SP. Oh alright, I did get the newest Vogue and a beautiful skein of Schaeffer Anne yarn. I will try to post pics on the ‘morrow. Now it’s time to tuck in the little sick one, and hope we all get some sleep tonight!


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