Nice Knitters


Well, there seems to be a hub bub surrounding a group of “knitflamers” out there in blogland. As with any large group (or even small group, for that matter ) of people you are going to wind up with a variety of people, good and not so good. Fortunately for all of us, we can choose whether we want to read or participate in anything that is out there, knitting blog, flaming blog, etc. Also, Fortunately for me, I like to surround myself with nice, down to earth, genuine people and most of the blogs I’ve encountered or visited have left me feeling like I would love to meet most of you. I was taught, growing up, that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. That is something I try to do, and I don’t always succeed, but most time if I don’t succeed, I at least feel badly for not trying harder. I also feel that if you need to make someone feel badly, just to make yourself feel better about your life, yourself, whatever – you’ve got more problems than just putting other people down. I also wonder if you are even aware of how you can effect someone’s life, just by the words you say – or type – and if you can actually accept the responsibility of that. That makes me think and want to be more careful of what I put out there. Have a great holiday everyone!


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