Ain’t It Cool?


You can get this here, too! I think it’s kinda neat.

I’ve been working and working and Angelina and finally made the neck last night. Jeezaloo. I cannot figure out why the heck the neck it off the needles now, instead of maybe 20 rows ago. The sleeve seams are going to be sewn and the seam will be in the front of the arm it seems. I don’t know. All I know is, I’m on the second sleeve decrease and soon it will be gone, gone, gone. All this for what looks like 4 inches of a sleeve. This better morph into something wearable when I’m done!

We had more snow last night! Unbelieveable. Really. Isn’t this enough. Did someone say spring and someone else say “ha!” Now, after our “firedrill” Monday and standing outside in the cold/chilly air for 30 minutes, then 54 degrees, then snow, if you weren’t sick already, your going to be. I keep fighting it off, but I don’t know how much longer I can keep it away!

Well, it is spring break – ahhhhhh!


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