In The Knit


Holy Macalaney – Angelina is a dog to knit. Boring. How can something so beautiful be boring the hell out of me. So, I just had to knit the back and part of one front to Ribby Cardy to see some progress on something! I’ve had my fix and now I’m listening to the Garden State soundtrack on my ipod and plodding away on angelina. I know once I get past this thirteen inches for the damn sleeves – talk about sleeve island, this is sleeve NATION, – I will be in the home stretch. But. My. God. It. Is. A. Long. Ass. Knit. Good Luck, Netter, with your sleeve progress – it WILL be a sleeve, by God.

Had a great skiing day yesterday – went back to the beginner slopes, then braved the “tree, TREE, TREE” slope and gave that pine tree the finger as I swiftly swished my way down without falling!!! As a matter of fact, yesterday was a fall-free day for me and I’m quite proud of myself. I quit for the day when I had one too many pinwheeling arm episodes going down the slopes – not a good thing to do with ski poles in ones hands. DH and DS were tearin up the slopes so I had no choice but to go get myself a corona and sit on the deck in the beautiful sunshine we had yesterday – not like todays dreary, drizzly day. Helped a friend move into her and her husbands first house today – always a happy thing, and now we are just vegging out, waiting for the corned beef dinner to get done cooking – a few days late, but nevertheless, going to be greatly enjoyed!


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