The Wait Is ON..


Checking my mail box everyday now since my Secret Pal emailed me last week, saying she was going to mail out my Goodie Box anyday!!! Can’t wait – this is a lot of fun. I’ve had a really good time putting things together for my Pal and I’m working on my next box to her.

I’ve been working on Angelina – haven’t cast on anything else yet – it is slow knitting when you have nearly 300 stitches per row! And, the sleeves look like they aren’t long enough, but I’ve checked and rechecked a billion times and I’ve done all the cast on’s for them correctly. That must be a long length of lace knitted onto the bottom of those sleeves and the ribbing must make them longer once it stretches out. Or something that sounds like all that, but really is something else.

I finally feel like I’m catching up on things – especially when you are 2 months late getting your dog licenses! I guess surgery, flu, colds and crap like that really take up my time! The dogs are now licensed to be dogs, the bills are paid, the fuel oil is ordered – now if I could just talk to the person who is responsible for all the laundry in this house – what the hell are they waiting for????

Skiing – ah – the agony of the entire body. Let’s just say that other people have way more confidence in me than I do and thought I could do the “beginner slope” and let’s just say that they were very wrong. The conditions were a little icy but let me tell you, after sliding under a pine tree and turning around to see the poor man that was behind me,( who was yelling “TREE!!! TREE!!!!!! TREE” like maybe I didn’t see the tree I was about to slide under,) fall down and tumble down the beginner slope, after all that, I went to the beginner, beginner slope and didn’t fall once and just got myself comfortable. I have to say that I’m getting really good at what I call “assing” or “assboarding” which is just sitting down and sliding on my ass till I stop. I am having fun, when I’m not being terrified of really big ski slopes with fences and pine trees and speeding skiers! I’m sore, but not as sore as last weekend.

After all that, I think I’ll treat myself tonight – do some laundry and cast on for the Berry Patch Shawl.


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