Ribby To Be..


Posted by Hello This is the yarn I’ve choosen for my Ribby Cardy – I’m going to knit it all one color cause I’m multi color challenged and my sleeves have to match or else. I will probably start this after Angelina – I’m really avoiding Rogue right now – doe noe why! If you scroll down you’ll also see Bob’s ski socks artfully draped across my new ski boot! Yup, that’s right. ski boot. I’m going to ski. Yikes! And then you’ll see my progress on Angelina – now, I could just type captions under each picture – but no. Blogger won’t let me without deleting my pics – I don’t know what the heck I’m doing wrong, but it’s really starting to piss me off. Seems like I can only ever post one pic and one comment and then it pukes it back at me. Yeesh. I may look into another blog host eventually, but what a pain in the butt.

I’ve been knitting thru the pain of my first ski lesson – thankfully my wrists weren’t too bad and I did get a lot done on Angelina. I’ve had a few things delivered this week – my Sew EZ Board came and it is sooo nice – and Big!!! Can’t wait to block the baby blanket on it this weekend – waiting to take that pic so I can show off the blanket and the blocking board. Elann is so darn fast with their delivery – I had ordered that yarn over the weekend and it was at my door mid week. I also found a great deal on Denise Needles on Ebay and they are hopefully winging their way here – I hate to go and buy individual needles and have them all over the place when I can have a nifty little carry case for a whole set. Lately I’ve been knitting multiple projects that use the same size needles and have to go hunting around for whatever spare cirulars I think I have laying around – and I must have a vivid imagination! But I have done some stash reduction to compensate for the new stuff coming in – I did go thru and fill two nice size bags of yarn I gave away to someone I taught to knit – stuff I know I won’t use but is still pretty nice yarn. I also had two crochet students this week and hopefully they managed to learn something from me! I would much rather teach someone to knit or crochet than have to explain to them that it would cost them way too much for me to make them a sweater. I have to chuckle whenever someone sees me wearing a sweater and they exclaim over how nice it is and how I should sell them cause I can easily get at least 100 dollars for it! Then I gently tell them that the yarn alone may have cost almost that much. And then they get an ah-ha look on their face and realize how much time, work and money go into knitting something. I have to hope they have a whole new appreciation for any hand knit/hand made item that comes their way after that.

Had to pick the little DS up from school early today – he’s still not himself and I happened to get him into the doctors right after I picked him up – had some bloodwork done and hopefully it is just recuperating after that long, nasty flu he had. He is so tired all the time – I have had the thought that it might be mono and they did test for that. Poor kid went to bed before 8 tonight!

DH wants to go skiing tomorrow – or should I say I will ski and he will try snowboarding again – it kind of puts us on equal footing since I don’t really know how to ski and he doesn’t really know how to snowboard! At least he will be spending his time with me on the easy slopes instead of racing madly down the black diamonds!

Bob’s Ski Socks

Bob’s Ski Socks Posted by Hello

Angelina Update Posted by Hello


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