Used-to-be-mine Socks


Posted by HelloI’m sure this has happened to one of you from time to time – you are knitting for yourself. With every stitch you knit, you unconciously say, this is for ME. I can’t wait to wear THIS. This is so nice and I will love to wear THESE. Sometimes you make sure something has a little bit of pink in it, just so someone else won’t happen to walk by and say, “hey, are those for ME???” You’ve probably sat on your own couch, happy as, well, a knitter sitting on your couch knitting, when innocently you hear “hey mom, are those SOCKS???” ” Yup, Dano, they are. ” “Can I try them on” Now, I know you’re all going, ohhhhh, why did she let him TRY THEM ON??? I don’t really know. Moment of delusion. Slight slip of sanity? Oh, they used to be mine. And now, Dan owns them. They are his. Because he said “Mom, can I HAVE them – they would be really great snowboarding socks!” They are living in his room, when they aren’t on his feet and let me tell you, they haven’t even MET the snowboard yet. I don’t have to heart to point out the small bit of pink. Because, really, don’t we just love when someone wants to wear something we made? Even if it started out it’s knitted life as destined to be ours?


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