Bob’s Becase-Dan-has-socks, Socks


Ok, one more time. This should say ” The STORY and not the pic of Bob’s Socks because Hello won’t let me upload the pic!!!!!!!

Bob’s Socks (scroll down to read the saga of the Socks-that-used-to-be-mine, because I’m an idiot and cannot get blogger or hello to load pics in the order I want.) Ok, so your husband, who you’ve offered to make socks for just two weeks ago, and who refused, noticed you and your son and the socks-that-used-to-be-mine, and says, where are MY socks? Jeezalooo, I can’t make anything but girly sweaters for myself. Now, at breakneck speed and arthritic inducing knitting, I am making HIM a pair of socks. For Hunter Mt. This Friday. I clearly need to make sure my sock yarn has very, very large areas of pink in it from now on.

Does anyone else have this problem with Hello – or is it Blogger? Because this is the second time I’ve tried to load more than three pic’s and it’s pukes out the fourth pic every time I try to post it. Just a box with a red x. I give up. Will post pic when socks are done. This is the second time I’ve tried with this post. Totally fustrated now. Need Chocolate.


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