Los Lonely Sock


Posted by Hello Well, now that Clapotis is done (no, I didn’t post a pic yet, my model is not cooperating, she wants more money) I think I will make the mate to this poor Regia sock, who has been finished for over a week, just sitting on top of a pile of knitting books in my living room. I did put 2 skeins of Koigu and 2 Skeins of Lorna’s Laces next to it to keep it company, but you can really tell that it would stand out from those yarns. This was a weird yarn to knit with – very stretchy after it’s knit up but not so much while I was knitting it? Weird. And I thought the Cascade Fixation was weird. I’m not really happy with the colors in this sock and you really can’t tell too much from the awful washed out brightness – what the hell is going on with my camera – the colors actually looked better still on the skein. This is my favorite construction pattern by Ann Norling – she has excellent directions and it is always a pattern I wander back to.

Clapotis – Poo – now that you know what it is, I bet you want a pic. Well, when I get home from work today – after NOT having a snow day and only a delayed opening, I shall beat my model into submission – me – suck it up and take a pic. I really love it, I already want to make another in a solid color, but boy did it wreak havoc on my elbows and wrists – I don’t know what it is about this pattern, but it kinda is hard on your hands.

I am having a hard time not ordering some of that beautiful Baby Silk on Elann – I just don’t have a project in mind. Or I kind of do – If I double it, I could use it to make the Blue Jacket I want to make. But I just received my first order from Elann, so I thought I would let the smoke clear, so to speak, before I placed another – I think I have a problem. I read in Blogdom about all these yarn diets – I am just doing a food diet and if I went on a yarn diet then the food diet would suffer, because I wouldn’t be able to occupy my hands and would therefore be knitting with food. Oh, alright, I would be EATING the food. So therefore, no yarn diet. One diet at a time, I say.

If my DH said – here, you’ve been a very good girl, go on a shopping spree – here is my shopping list:

1 – spaceboard for blocking – now that I actually BLOCK things.

2 – Yarn and Pattern for Charlotte’s Web Shawl

3 – Ab Fab Throw kit

4 – All the books on my amazon wish list – cha – ching!

5 – some kind of knitting software for my laptop – preferably the kind that keeps track of stash, needles etc.

6 – A moderate shopping spree at Elann and Knit Picks

7. Digital Stitch counter – I’m such a gadget girl!

What’s your shopping list???

Pic’s to follow of beautiful Clapotis (Poo,(beloved Aunty) that’s Clap – o – tee, I think ) the shawl……later!


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