*&^%%@@$$!!!! Knitting Needles!


And I mean that. Truely. I have the Sisters Bamboo circular needles set and I have had it! Each and every cable has now, after today, come undone from it’s metal housing, the one that connects it to the bamboo needles. When this first happened, I actually emailed Plymouth and asked to get a new cable – they told me to return it to the shop I bought it from – which is 8 hours away from me, since I bought them on vacation. They finally, finally sent me a new cable and a week later, another cable broke. Now, I’m not wanting to deal with them anymore on a weekly basis, so I got out my good trusty Gorilla Glue and just glued the end in. Worked like a dream. Now I will do the same today. But it just pisses me off that you spend 100 bucks for something that keeps breaking until YOU fix it yourself! I’m so mad I could spit. Well, maybe I just did spit, tuhhh!

I’m soo, so, glad it is Friday. I plan on doing lots of Laundry – not cause I like it, just cause there is LOTS to do. And another trip to the LYS for a few more skeins to finish the Big Bad Baby Blanket, and maybe some food shopping because I hear we may get one hell of a nor’easter on Monday – this way if I prepare, we won’t get anything – maybe just the spit I just spit.

I watched my oldest drive a car for the first time today, by himself – it was like an out of body experience. I will be praying for his safe return every time he goes out that door now. I don’t like that feeling – do you get used to it? It’s a very out of control feeling and tho I don’t think I am a control freak, I don’t like not being in control of this!

Dinner out tonight to celebrate good things at work happening for DH and to dull the pain in my left boob after having it clawed at work yesterday – killing two boobs with one stone, I say! Boys are going skiing tomorrow so quiet time for me – to do laundry!


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