From Both Ends


You know that expression. Today, I got to see it. Yup. Poor thing. Sick at both ends. I don’t think I’ve ever personally experienced that. But now, I can say I have witnessed another human being experiencing that. And I can also say, without a doubt, that I could have lived a long and happy life without seeing that. That was how my day at work went. ’nuff said.

Clapotis is now in the decreasing stages! I cannot believe I have not made a dipstick mistake yet. But there is always tomorrow. I’ve made a little progress on the baby blanket, but you don’t get really far at lunch half hour. What seems to happen with my take a long projects is, I get so fustrated at how slow they go, that they move on over to the regularly knitted schedule. And this is ok. This is what works for me. I cannot believe how much I have finished knit wise since September – I seem to be on a real knitting tear. I just have to get the courage up to swatch Rogue. I feel a little intimidated. I’ve heard the troubles with gauge – I think this has me overly worried that I’m going to be gauge-challenged. Ah, I should just suck it up and swatch it, I know and I will probably this weekend.

Wore Klaralund to work and had a ton of compliments on it – feels good! Thanks for all the kind words and compliments on the blog and thanks for reading!


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