Posted by Hello And now, I have a beautifully assembled Klaralund! I might give it one more light steam blocking just to give myself a little more ease in the midsection. But I really like it. I did sew up the back of the V and maybe an inch on the front – don’t want to show too much at work. But it really did help blocking it before I sewed it together. I’m glad I finally did it this way and I may be cured. I’m sure I might fall off the wagon from time to time, in a bout of misjudgement, saying something may not “need” blocking now and then, but I’m convinced this does make the finished piece look better.

I did start a baby blanket from Stitch N Bitch – a belated gift for a teacher at work – I missed her shower but I am sure it’s never too late to gift a blanket. I may have to buy a skein or two more of the yarn, but I’m liking it so far. I had to start this because I don’t have another take along project, now the Klara is done. And I need something with fairly straight knitting as people tend to talk to you when you’re out in public and really, that messes me up if I have to follow any sort of stitch pattern. I need to think about the next sweater – will it be Rogue? I did see a sweater in the new Knitters – The Blue Ridge Jacket – really the only thing I liked in the magazine for myself. It’s made with Reynolds Mandalay – which seems a little hard to get ahold of. I did order the pattern for the Angelina Jacket and the yarn from Elann over the weekend – I just love that and it will be a nice spring project. So many projects, so little time.

On a health note – I had my final check with the surgeon after my gallbladder surgery and all is well, I’m discharged! Yay!


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