OMG, I’ve Been Linked!


Just a Holla out to Kim, to say thanks for mentioning my comment on her blog!!! What a kick! I was commenting on our mail problems way back when we first moved here (it still happens from time to time now, but not as often ) referring to one of our favorite movies, Funny Farm, and letting her know that we used to have a mailperson just like the movie’s – pretty well liquored up and pissed off by the time they made it up to our mailbox! We’ve gotten packages ripped open, empty, but delivered nontheless, magazines that were mangled and apparently used as dog chew toys, then delivered to us, and if I want something to get anywhere say, within normal postal delivery times, I do not place it in my mailbox, noooooo, I drive to the post office and place it into the postal workers hands myself. Have you ever seen a mail truck going backwards down your road, taking the mail OUT of the mailboxes and then going back up and redelivering it? I have and on more than one occassion. I’ve had packages left on the road and surprizingly not get run over – good neighbors, that’s what we have! We’ve accepted it to a point, but I can remember quite a few phone calls to our Post Master. It doesn’t help that we have a post office in our town, but since they don’t deliver the mail, we have the next town over deliver it to us. I could go on and on, but I better stop now, before I stop getting mail delivery all together! Thanks again Kim, I appreciate the mention!

Interweave Knits, Spring 2004

I’m trying without much luck to locate a back issue of this magazine. If anyone out there is interested in a trade – say two balls of nice sock yarn, for this magazine in good shape, leave me a comment and we’ll work something out – this must have been some popular issue, because even Interweave is out! As Bartles & James said, Thanks for your support :)!

It’s Baaack!

Clapotis Posted by Hello Sorry for the brightness – darn dismal day! But this is the clapper that is a keeper. So far, so good. I do about 1 repeat a night – taking it slow so I don’t pull any moronic moves. I am determined to make this and wear it. I’m even having visions of shawl pins dancing in my head.


Red Cross Knit Kit Posted by HelloThis is very cool. I decided to go ahead and order it – it’s one of those things that I felt good about buying. Well, what yarn related thing wouldn’t I feel good about buying??? Can’t think of one.

Posted by Hello This is the inside of the Red Cross Knit Kit. The yarn is quite nice and it’s very soft and velvety feeling. I don’t know whether to make the socks or leave it as is for collectors sake – any thoughts?

Last Catalog???

Koigu Posted by HelloWell, I fall for it everytime – Patternworks said it was my last catalog unless I ordered something this very minute – well, scaredy cat that I am, I ordered two skeins of Koigu and the Patches of Berries Scarf Pattern and received the Neck cozy pattern just for ordering the two skeins. I also snuck in Rowan # 36 – I had to check it out because I fell in love with Fern and really want to make it after I become waiflike and skinny – ha! Funny thing is, I received the order yesterday and today in my mailbox was the new Patternworks Catalog and right on the front it says “Don’t let this be your LAST CATALOG, place an order now, blah blah blah……hey, is this a trick????? What am I supposed to do?


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