Watch Out!


Well, after all that hullabaloo, My oldest passed his Drivers Test today! That driving school does suck, tho – they never brought him to DMV to get the actual license, just right back to school – I’m definitely writing a letter about this, but I’m glad it’s over, he passed, and now I just have to get over the panic you have when your child leaves your house for the first time under the power of a Large heavy vehicle you have absolutely no control over!

On the knitting front – bubkus, nada, zero, zilch, zippo, absofrickinlutelynothin got knit by me today. I don’t know when I would have picked up my needles – up early, driving both kids to school, work, back to school to pick up new driver, then DMV, then the mall, new cellphones for new driver and me, since the whole network has been taken over, then home, for like 20 minutes, then out to dinner. Home at last, check the blogs and off to bed I go. I was really hoping that my patterworks order would have been here today, so at least I could have touched some yarn, but nope, no packages for me!


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