Thanks SP for the lovely Valentines Card! It really made me happy to be up so early to get back to work. I was feeling very bummed, my son is still sick, my husband left for NC this morning, (happy valentines!) and I had to go back to work after a week home. This is going to be a killer of a week, and I’m still not feeling well myself. To top it all off, I call the driving school that is supposed to be taking my oldest for his driver test on Wednesday and they are telling me they will MEET me there? Meet me??? I paid them five months ago so they would PICK him up and take him for a warm up and taken him for the test, then drive him home. What is it with these people. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I don’t need to have to take yet another day off work, after already paying these people so I wouldn’t have to!!!! Jeezaloo. Anyway, good thing I had that nice, chocolatey card from my SP or the day would have been in the crapper before it even started!

Hardly any knitting today, but I hope to put on one repeat on clapotis tonight. The new Interweave Knits came today, so that should make for some good bedtime reading. Can’t wait.


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