On The Mend


Noro is here! Posted by Hello I am feeling a bit better and so is Dan, but he still sounds terrible. Had the cutest Valentines Card from my SP!!! Thank you SP, you really made my day better, I was so cranky! Here is the Silk Garden for Clapotis, I have started it but am not going to post a pick as I feel that I will jinx myself and fall into the mistake mode on it.

Run, Don’t Walk to Knit Picks!

Box o’ Yarn Posted by HelloThis is my Knit Picks order – it is soooooo nice. The green is “Fern” 100% peruvian wool for Rogue and the purple is Sock Landscape 100% merino in “Rocky Mountain Dusk” they are such nice yarns and the prices are unbelieveable! I can’t wait to finish up some WIP’s so I can dig in! I am planning on starting Rogue when Klaralund is off the needles, so that is next up.

In The Home Stretch

Klaralund so far Posted by Hello Back and Front of Klaralund plus one sleeve in progress. I was going to knit both sleeves at once, but I thought the differences in the way the yarns would go would be too much of a distraction for me – and make me all complusive and want to match them exactly, which would lead to some sort of knitting breakdown and then the inevitable UFO, so, I’m living on the edge, daring the yarn to do what it wants and willing to accept the challenge. I figure, the front and the back stripes don’t match, but that won’t bother me, since I rarely see both my front and my back at the same time – is that even possible? And the sleeves, well, they will not match and they are not supposed to match and I will like it that way. I will. I swear. Why is this so hard?


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