Thank You Secret Pal!


I have a great SP – I received the nicest get well e-card today – thanks secret pal! You’re awesome! I’m feeling a bit better, but my son is still suffering, not as bad as yesterday, but still a sicky. He finally ate some today, which was good since he didn’t eat a single thing yesterday – it was all I could do to keep him hydrated. Today, he is willing drinking and sitting up a bit more. I still think he’ll be home tomorrow, as he is so weak. His temp went as high as 103.5 last night and he’s 13! Kinda freaked me out a bit, but within 30 minutes that started coming down. Still in all, he had over 102 by the time he went to sleep last night. I hate it when my kids get so sick, no matter how old they are.

I did manage to finish the front of Klaralund and one sock. Sickwatch knitting. I did cast on for the back of klaralund and I’m about to cast on for the other sock, since I’m still on duty and all is quiet because he’s interested in the TV right now. You would think with over a hundred channels and unlimited DVD’s we would have something to watch, but noooo, never when you want it. I am anxiously awaiting my order from Knitpicks and my Clapotis Silk Garden yarn – I am determined if not stupid to try this again.

Now, if someone would just bookmark/link/paste my site onto their page, my blogging life would be complete………..


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