Rest in Peace Clapotis – I can’t believe that for the second time, with a different yarn, I’ve had to frog this. I think I’ve had a mini stroke. What is wrong with me??? This time, I was on the 8th dropped stitch and the ball of yarn was suspiciously smaller than I would say I needed to finish this. That’s what happens when you see “approx. 600 yards” on the skein description. How about saying “stupid, it’s never gonna be enough” or “go ahead, take your chances” for yardage. I think I’m going to get a yardage counter. Really – this does suck. I am waiting to get the 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden in the color I originally wanted to make this out of (#84) and make it with that. Surely 10 skeins would be enough. Third times a charm? Or a curse?

I did work on the broadripple sock. They will now have to be the gift for the clapotis recipient. I think she’ll like these better anyway – she is a sock person. But I was just trying to be different and original.

I had fun teaching my friend Donna to knit at lunch today – she’s so funny. She really got the hang of it quickly, but I’m told that when I left the lunch room, she kinda panicked and said “I knew what I was doing when she WAS here, but now that she left, I don’t know!” Cracked me up. But she did write it down and I gave her some internet sites with pic’s for her to reference.

I have nothing else, I’m in mourning……


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