Hello Secret Pal!


Thanks for the great Groundhog Day e-card! What a nice way to start the day! And I needed it too, cause work started out a little dicey today, but turned into an OK day afterall. I was even able to get some knitting done on Klaralund at lunch today. Tomorrow I am going to be teaching someone to knit at lunch, which is pretty neat. She’s all excited and I’m excited to teach her. I was also able to find a pattern for the round baby blanket one of the teachers was searching for at work, so I kinda feel like I’ve gotten some stuff done.

Here’s a little Ranting tho – did you ever get propoganda email from someone, ask them quite a few times nicely not to send you email anymore and still get crap from them? I know I shouldn’t let this person bother me, but really, I’ve even gone so far as to block him and still I get this email from him. Today I sent a nasty email back and I’m hoping that will do the trick – as far as I can see, anyone who disregards you’re request simply to piss you off, is not a friend anyway. What a whacko. I Probably should have kept ignoring him, but I kinda felt like if I send this very direct, nasty email back, and he still ignores it, then that pretty much proves my thought that A__hole is a compliment when it comes to him! Any advice out there?

I’ve gotten accepted into the Fiber Arts Bloggers and Beginner Babe Bloggers – just waiting on the Mid-Atlantic – it’s very neat to see how many more hits on the page I’ve gotten just from that – hope I’m not boring the pants off people.

On the knitting front – I’ve been making progress on the Clapotis – I’ve just finished the 7 drop stitch – I keep squeezing the rest of the ball, wondering if there really was 600 yards on the skein 0r if I’m going to come up short – I think I’m only going to do 10 repeats of the pattern and start decreasing – just to be on the safe side.
I knit a few rows on the sock every day – it’s Cascade Fixation yarn and it’s pretty stretchy – I don’t think I’ve ever worked with yarn this stretchy. I’ve also been surfing looking at other knitter’s Rogue’s to get an idea of what kind of yarn I want to use. I want something a little heathery, but not scratchy – I’m shelving the idea of using the scratchy yarn I already have – why put that much time into something that I can only wear if I have armour on under it?? I’ve looked at the Galway yarn in Patterworks catalogue, but I don’t have any idea how soft that is, so if anyone has advice on that, I would really appreciate it.

That’s it for this Groundhog day – Darn that Phil for seeing his shadow!


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