Clapotis is Dead!


Mulit-Scarf Posted by HelloOh, it’s good news/bad news posting. The good news – DH wanted a scarf to match his hat – DH now has a scarf to match – Multidirectional done in Reynold’s Utopia on 10.5 needles with fringe. Did not want his face in the pic, so here he is from the neck down. *sigh* *sob* Clapotis is Dead. Yup. Dead. @@@##$$%%^%^^!!!!!!!!!! I was happily in the homestretch, flexing my fingers for those decrease rows, when, WHAT? What is THAT???? I’m missing a stitch! Five instead of six? How did that happen? Frog, Frog, FRog some more – can’t find it. Oh, this is not working. Played Taps. Now its in a bag, partially frogged, waiting for the pain to subside, I’ve decided to use the Silk Garden for Klaralund, so ordered a couple of 4 more skeins and will put that aside. Started another Clapotis, Clapotis Part Deux, with the Riverwalk Yarn from Over the Rainbow. It’s a beautiful yarn, and this will be a gift for someone, because I have a darker, redder, Clapotis in mind for myself. Is the red significant? No, it’s just my favorite color!
I’ve been surfing the knitting blogs and making a wish list of Patterns/Books I would like to have someday:

Charlotte’s Web Shawl Pattern
Scarf Style Book
Rowan Magazine #36 (to make Fern)

I did order some Regia Sock yarn and the extra Noro yesterday from Royal Yarns – love them, fast, helpful, wonderful place.

We are in the midst of a Blizzard – and there is over a foot of snow out there in Blizzardland. I did laundry, knit, laundry, knit, cleaned, knit blogged, knit yesterday – oh, and cooked too. It was nice. Love hunkering down and knowing you don’t have to go anywhere cause you can’t!

Pic’s of Clapotis Part Deux will follow when a stitch count has been completed twice!


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