Ohhh, pretty…. Posted by Hello I ordered this yarn from Ebay – It may be a shawl when it grows up – I don’t know, but I really liked it and I’m hoping it’s as soft as “silk merino blend ” sounds.! Today it’s make a deal day – I will go with DH (which means Dear Husband, not D___Head like DH says, right?) to scope out some Train pics with his new Digital, and I get to go to a few yarns shops down Pennington/Princeton way – I like these deals! I’m going with good intentions, too – a friend at work has given me a lot of clothes to get me through the weight loss process and I really want to give her something back – so after investigating her coat color, I’m going to make her a scarf. And whatever other must have’s I find – but I still go with the good intentions!

I did put the Clapotis down and I’m really working on that Neck down Jumper now, Maybe winter will show up and stick around a little bit, and I’ll get to wear it this season! This weather is very weird – first ice, lots of rain and days that are completely fogged in. No sun. We haven’t seen the sun in what seems like months. Now it’s very cold and DH says snow tomorrow night. I won’t wish for snow days – it seems too greedy after having off all that time for my gallbladder thing – but I don’t mind delayed openings!

Anyone have any good Html’s tutorials I can gleen some info from – I would really like to make the page look better and add some links, but I’m scared of screwing things up – I did add a site counter and that seemed to be ok. I plan on submitting the site to the web ring once it’s been up a month.


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