Snowy Weather


It’s snowing! Finally, we have winter arriving. It’s also icing and we are under a Winter Storm Warning – we are supposed to get 5 to 6 inches and ice and then rain – in other words, a real mess. But maybe we get to stay home tomorrow……I’ve gotten past the underarm increases on the Jumper and now I’m in the straight away – then come the sleeves – not my favorite part of a sweater to knit, but these aren’t too bad. I can’t wait to get the Noro Silk Garden Yarn for my Clapotis – but It’s going to be a few weeks – I just can’t figure out why something that is “in stock” can take so long! We have company coming this weekend – my MIL and BIL, so I don’t think I will be able to get too much done. I have a baby shower coming up at work, and fortunately already have the baby blanket crocheted – but I have to make two more! I might try a knit baby blanket in a basketweave pattern but it always takes me so much longer to knit a blanket than it does to crochet. Time to go watch “Lost”, I hope it’s a new one!


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