WIP Neck Down Jumper This is my completed back to my Neck Down Jumper – another Sally Melville pattern – love that book! Yesterday was a beautiful day and all I could manage to do was sit and watch Seinfeld DVD’s and knit – poor me! I did go outside for a bit and enjoy a campfire with DH while we waited for the turkey fryer to heat up – Fried Turkey ala Bob is the best! Today is the last day of my “surgical vacation” waaaahhhh – I guess I’m being greedy but I’ve really enjoyed being home – except for the gallbladder removal part, it’s been very nice. Thanks for all the comments on this very new page – I appreciate the input. I did spend some time ordering some Noro Silk Garden for the clapotis I have in mind to make……. I swear, no more than three WIP’s at a time! I will be bringing a small project to work with me to do at lunch – keeps me from eating more than I should. And I really think it helps out with the stress at my job. Sort of a little knitting meditation. So that really means I would only have two WIP’s for home and one for work, not too bad!


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