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Studio Improvements


I’ve been thinking I should have a place to work and store my art supplies – I have a studio which houses my looms, yarn, fabric and Jewelry bench.  I just didn’t have a place to really spread out and work in that room.

Well, that’s all changed now…..


DH took the made the long ride to Ikea yesterday to get my Anniversary Gift and I was able to get the table, corner table and that awesome drawer unit, along with the chair and two smaller mesh draw units.  I spent the rest of the day assembling it all…..I managed to dent the straight table so I have another on order and I’ll use that one as my cutting table.  I will be moving the big, antique dresser out of this room as well and it will give me a place to use as a cutting table, warping winder table, steamer table…I’ll be storing my fabric under that in something – not sure what yet.  But getting the heavy dark furniture out of the room really makes a difference.  I moved my Jewelry bench out of that corner – I always work with a light when I use it and it just made sense to put my art center near the windows.  I’m really happy with it – I need to get a lamp over there for when the light’s not so great and replace my area rug, but that’s on order too.  That mobile chest of drawers is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and so worth the money.  I cannot believe how I lived without it!

After spending all day yesterday building and moving and arranging, I finally sat down at my new table, surrounded by my sheep and started making.


Some of my Snowflake Ornaments…ready to add the ribbon.

It’s so relaxing to have a space other than the arm of my couch to do some art and you can’t beat the view…


I still have my screen in…..the afternoons were getting warm, but I think that’s going to change fast now.

Have a wonderful week!

I have Listed. All. The. Things.


I’ve finally had a good chunk of time to just do it.  And it is done….I have listed all the things.

20140928_085147_1 20140928_085214_1 20140928_085319_1 20140928_085330_1

New Tangled Whorls.….these sold out at the NJ Sheep Breeders Fiber Festival and I’ve finally been able to restock….but there are only six.  I’m hoping my woodworker will be getting some more to me soon ;)

And then there are some cards – two types right now…but I’ll be printing out more of my originals to make into cards.

20140928_100252_1 20140928_100316_1

And finally, I’ve uploaded my own Prints.  These are 8 x 10 prints of my Original Sheep Series, printed on quality card stock with Fade Resistant Inks.

Tangled Ewe and Me web Tangled Ewe Knits web  Tangled Spinning Ewe web only

For those of you who don’t want a Redbubble account, Now you can find pretty much everything I make in my etsy shop.  I also have some originals still for sale, but I’m doing an Art Show soon, so I haven’t listed them.

I still have to get my jewelry up there…..but I’m takin’ a break!  Thanks for looking!



15% off SiteWIDE….


Redbubble is having a 15% off sitewide sale!  Now’s the time to order those cards, prints, tote bags and gifts you’ve been holding off on…..

Tangled Spinning Wheel and Ewe web Tangled Spinning Ewe web only

Sheep and more in my Redbubble Shop

Get started on that holiday shopping – it’s really not that far away!

When I don’t draw on Paper


I’ll pretty much draw on anything.  One of the first things I doodled on besides paper was wood.  And these are destined to become some new Drop Spindles for the Sheep and Wool show in September.  My DH does the woodturning.

drop spindle whorls

I’ve also taken to doodling on wood boxes, french ivory…..canvas bags…..I’m thinking no blank surface is safe.  What do you doodle on?

Flowing Flowers


I drew this with the intent of adding some color…..but I’m such a chicken.  Uploaded and saved this Black Pen version because, well, I’m a chicken.

Flowing Flowers web

Flowing Flowers, on Redbubble

Whenever I upload something on Redbubble, I end up disabling a few products, but this time, I let ‘er rip…..and this really looks so nice on the Pillow.  I might have to get that myself.

Our Facebook Group is really taking off – we are close to 250 members already and I’m polling to see how many of the members want the group to convert to closed. (the group will always accept new members, just limits what non-members can see)  Come on over and join us – we are such an inspiring, supportive group and it’s a great place to get started!

The summer is quickly coming to a close….I don’t know if I’m ready to get back to the routine!


Share Ewe and Me and a Contest


Tangled Ewe and Me…the name of the third piece in my series of Tangled Sheep….

Tangled Ewe and Me 001


Available on Redbubble – prints, cards, totes, shirts and ONESIES for baby!

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I love creating these little sheep – I have so many ideas and I think I’d better write them down to keep track.  I guess you can tell I’m really excited about this series – for one thing, it’s mine.  Something that creatively came from me.  When DH suggested it, I had thought about it, but as with many things I “think” about doing, I don’t often get them from the thinking stage to the actual doing stage.  I don’t know why – maybe it’s lack of confidence?  Once he talked about it, I thought I could probably do this and even if it turned out badly?  At least I tried and I might have something to show for it.  Not that I’m overly confident these are as cute as I think….but I do like them, and wouldn’t mind hanging them on my own studio wall, so I don’t have anything to lose.  But the fact that I have ideas!  I always think when I see something cute, or whimsical – gosh I wish I thought of that.  I ‘m sure we all have those moments.   I’m having fun making these and I actually did just finish a fourth one…..saving that to post tomorrow.

Trying to find your creative niche is something I’ve gone through quite a few times.  Of course the dream is to do what you love, love what you do….and maybe be able to make a little financially.  I’ve never been particularly good at advertising, selling, promoting etc.  But the more I see people do that, the more I realize that I have to at least TRY.  So I’m asking for your help – if you could share my blog, my redbubble, my anything, just put it out there if you like it.  Please share it.  Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it,  I won’t mind at all, and I’d appreciate it so much.  I know amazing things can happen with word of mouth…or word of blog.  Let me know in a comment that you’ve shared my blog/redbubble and where and I’ll put your name into the hat for a handmade Sheepy Card.  Tell me you mentioned the contest in your link and I’ll put two into the hat for you.   I’ll pick a name out of the random generator hat Sunday, July 6th.  Thank you!