Sheep Zen


Thursday’s Sheep is a little “Zen”…..

Tangled Yoga Ewe web


Tangled Yoga Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This one came to me on our motorcycle ride on Sunday….I don’t know why I think of things like this.

Hard to believe we are almost celebrating the 4th of July!  The humidity is oppressive and thunderstorms were all around us yesterday.  Today’s weather is supposed to be much of the same.  There is Hurricane Arthur making his way up the coast towards North Carolina – be safe!


I’ll Watch Over Ewe


That’s the name of Wednesday’s Sheepy Thing…..

Tangled I'll watch over Ewe Web


Tangled I’ll Watch Over Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

This would be number 8 in this series. A Devoted Mama keeping watch over her little one sleeping.  I think this one would make a perfect Baby Gift, especially in a pillow to decorate a chair in  Baby’s room…..Which one is your favorite?

I have a few templates I’d like to catch up on and a commissioned piece I’m pondering the design of.  I love when I get a commission to do because I really enjoy the process of making what someone is talking about  into something tangible, visible on paper.

I’d also like to give a new book, Pattern Play, A Zentangle Creativity Booster by Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer a thorough look-through and review.  So far, I’m liking what I see.  It is  presented like a workbook with a good amount of patterns and their variations  with “idea starters” to get you going.    I really love Cris’s other book, Made in the Shade – excellent book to learn shading techniques.  I bought both of my books through Amazon, so that’s the links I’ve given.

Have a Great Day and Keep on Tangling!


Tuesday’s Tangled Sheep


There are some talented Sheep around here…..this Ewe can Spin!!!

Tangled Spinning Ewe web only


Tangled Spinning Ewe, Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

It is so nice to be able to incorporate my favorite things to do into these Tangles.  I would love to be able to somehow have a sheep weaving, too.  I do have a  preliminary sketch of a “zen” sheep meditating….and another of a Mama Ewe watching over her sleeping lamb.

I’m fortunate to have the time to give to this project and I’m going to try to use every moment wisely.  These summers off fly by so fast.

I’ve gotten a lot of new followers and likes but no comments…..please don’t forget I’m having a contest and I think I’d be really embarrassed if I didn’t have any participants.  Go.  Comment…..Please?

Tangled Trio


Today’s Sheepy thing is this little Trio…

Tangled Trio web only

Tangled Trio on Redbubble.  Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

These sheep are sort of taking on a life of their own…..just when I think I’m running out of ideas, I have another….so I’ll keep going until I run out of ideas!

Managed to get out for a walk this morning before the heat and humidity of the day.  Tomorrow I think we’ll head out even earlier – the dogs were a little tired, if by tired they are just sleeping on the couch next to me right now.  Seems like a mile walk translates into more for those little legs.

Have a Great Monday!

Do Ewe Knit?


Do Ewe Knit?


Tangled Ewe Knits 001


Tangled Ewe Knits.   She is actually the 5th in this series….my fourth one is a little bit lazy…

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

Tangled Sweet Dreams Sheep 001

Tangled Sweet Dreams.

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

Needless to say, I guess I have a flock of these now.  I’ve got a few more drawn and ready to tangle and I probably should start the framing process.  Both of these are available over on Redbubble.  I just thought I’d pass on what a friend did – she order the greeting cards of several of my designs …the 5 x7 are only $3.00 and this weekend is Free shipping using WEEKENDBLAST…..she plans on framing the set and displaying them.  I thought it was a great idea – 5 x7 is a pretty good size to frame and have a little themed wall.  I love when people pass along things like this.

Not much time for tangling today…..Red Knights State Picnic is on the agenda!  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


Share Ewe and Me and a Contest


Tangled Ewe and Me…the name of the third piece in my series of Tangled Sheep….

Tangled Ewe and Me 001


Available on Redbubble – prints, cards, totes, shirts and ONESIES for baby!

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014

I love creating these little sheep – I have so many ideas and I think I’d better write them down to keep track.  I guess you can tell I’m really excited about this series – for one thing, it’s mine.  Something that creatively came from me.  When DH suggested it, I had thought about it, but as with many things I “think” about doing, I don’t often get them from the thinking stage to the actual doing stage.  I don’t know why – maybe it’s lack of confidence?  Once he talked about it, I thought I could probably do this and even if it turned out badly?  At least I tried and I might have something to show for it.  Not that I’m overly confident these are as cute as I think….but I do like them, and wouldn’t mind hanging them on my own studio wall, so I don’t have anything to lose.  But the fact that I have ideas!  I always think when I see something cute, or whimsical – gosh I wish I thought of that.  I ‘m sure we all have those moments.   I’m having fun making these and I actually did just finish a fourth one…..saving that to post tomorrow.

Trying to find your creative niche is something I’ve gone through quite a few times.  Of course the dream is to do what you love, love what you do….and maybe be able to make a little financially.  I’ve never been particularly good at advertising, selling, promoting etc.  But the more I see people do that, the more I realize that I have to at least TRY.  So I’m asking for your help – if you could share my blog, my redbubble, my anything, just put it out there if you like it.  Please share it.  Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it,  I won’t mind at all, and I’d appreciate it so much.  I know amazing things can happen with word of mouth…or word of blog.  Let me know in a comment that you’ve shared my blog/redbubble and where and I’ll put your name into the hat for a handmade Sheepy Card.  Tell me you mentioned the contest in your link and I’ll put two into the hat for you.   I’ll pick a name out of the random generator hat Sunday, July 6th.  Thank you!

New Sheep In Town


There’s a new Sleepy Sheep in town….


Tangled Sleepy Sheep 001

Tangled Sleepy Sheep.

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014


Apparently, I’m working on a series of Sheep now.  I love how these projects evolve.  My DH mentioned I should probably do some tangles fiber related, sheep of course would be fiber related.  I started drawing and so far we have two in the series.  I’m pleased with how they’re coming out and I hope you like them too.


Tangled Sheep 002 refined

Tangled Sheep

Copyright © Christianne Gerstner 2014


To me, they are perfect for Fiber Lovers of any kind….I’ll be hanging mine up in my studio.  But a friend is thinking of getting them for her baby’s nursery and I can also see these in a child’s room.  Right now, they are both available in Prints, Shirts, Pillows and Tote Bags (the tote bags are so cute, I think I might end up with a collection) BUT redbubble is have a FREE SHIPPING promotion right now.  Just use the code WEEKENDBLAST.  Shipping adds up, so now is the time to shop!

Shameless Self-promotion out!