Petal Pusher, A New Tangle Pattern

Created a few new patterns this week and I’d like to share this one.

Petal Pusher….


I would love to see how you use it, so feel free to send me a link or comment!  And Have fun with it!


New PDF Pattern for Blythe!

I’ve finally posted my first ever, Blythe Clothes Pattern…..


Bythe Sleeveless Cardigan available from my Ravelry store or My Etsy Shop for $3.00US

and since I’m busy promoting my stuffs…..get started on your holiday knitting…..


Cable Pumpkin Sweater – slip a real pumpkin in or stuff with fiberfill.  Also in my Ravelry Store and my Etsy Shop for $2.00US.

Thanks for looking…..and hopefully knitting one of my designs!

My Thoughts on Tangling

When my friend, Opal, first introduced me to Zentangle® I was intriqued.  Firstly, I had been “doodling” most of my life.  So for me, that someone, or someones, in this case Maria and Rick, had taken that activity and created this, was, in my opinion, pretty clever.  And business savvy. And eye-opening.  And I give them loads of credit and respect.  I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could take the course to become an Official CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher).

Of course, when I find something new, I become immersed in it.  I searched around the webs and found loads of resources. Besides the site that Rick and Maria have, another popular site is  Great site.  It has changed a bit in my opinion since she became a CZT.  My pattern Archer is there.  The site owner does ask for submissions of patterns but you have to meet the Criteria she refers to here.  My other pattern, Petal Panes was mentioned on another great site, Life Imitates Doodles - a fabulous resource for tangle patterns, and quite a few that you won’t find at  Also, books are a tremendous resource for inspiration and ideas – and lets not forget the ultimate resource,!

Do I always consider what I do a Zentangle®  Probably not.  But I do lose myself with each piece I create, achieving a meditative state,  which is what I interpret the purpose of Zentangle® to be.  Do I always use official patterns?   No.  I don’t and I don’t think that takes away from my pieces, either.  I guess my point is, Zentangle enables you to be creative and in my case, greatly improves my creativity, restores my peace of mind, relaxes me, eases tension, lets me focus on something other than what might be bothering me at the time and I end up feeling rejuvenated when I’m done.  eta: I have bouts of Fibromyalgia and I have to say that along with my knitting, Tangling really helps for those times that I feel too “foggy” to anything else.  And as for stress relief – our youngest son joined the Army a little over a year ago and has had a rough time of it – as have we.  It is nice to have an activity that can relieve the stresses of life, no matter what you are dealing with, even for just a little while.

Now if only they offered a Zentangle Scholarship…..I’d apply in a flash!

ImageBad light here today, raining cats and dogs.

Summer Sale! 25% off at This Little Bird Told Me!

I’m having a summer sale starting today – use the coupon code SALE25 for 25% off your order until 6/30/13!  

Petal Panes Tangle

Back in September 2011, I created another tangled….I submitted it to Tanglepatterns and they declined to publish so I consider myself free to share it here.  Feel free to use it!Image

Restocked Bracelet

2013-03-02 001 003

Restocked this Curved Crystal Focal bracelet, but it’s my last Curved piece and I’m not having any luck finding more.






Just Can’t stop….

Just Can't stop....

New Bracelets….


But Wait…..There’s More….

But Wait.....There's More....

I think these are my favorites so far…..they’re in the shop along with a few more…


Adding Micro Macrame to the Shop!

Adding Micro Macrame to the Shop!

Think Spring! Or Bling! Custom colors/orders available…..


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